Make history as Florida’s attractions industry joins forces to host Florida Attractions District Days, October 23 - November 3, 2023.  Dozens of Florida attractions will invite their county Legislative Delegation for an educational tour of their facility and learn how we contribute to the quality of life for Floridians.

Join your fellow attraction industry businesses as we open our doors to our respective county’s Legislative Delegation to share the remarkable story of how Florida’s attractions industry inspires millions of visitors each year. 


FAA Attraction Members will offer pre-arranged educational tours of your attraction (both front & back of the house) to your county’s Legislative Delegation led by you or another senior leader of your management team.  

A list of your county’s Legislative Delegation is available here as well as a template of an email invitation. If you need assistance, please contact the FAA office. Our efforts are being supported by the FAA’s lobby team, Liberty Partners of Tallahassee.  The Liberty Partners of Tallahassee Team is available to assist with contacting your representatives or working through any communications issues with members of the Florida Legislature.  If you need their assistance, please contact the FAA Office.


 Please click here for details on Florida Attractions District Days. 

District Days Registration

To participate in this advocacy event, please register by completing this brief form.  If you have any questions, please contact the FAA office (850) 222-2885 or

Topics for Conversation

  • Taxes paid/collected

  • Employment statistics
  • Educational resources your attraction provides
  • Family connections/memories created
  • Value of local TDC/CVB and VISIT FLORIDA to leverage marketing/outreach
  • Your visitor profile
  • Operational complexities/considerations
  • Giving back to your community (food drives, first responder/military, philanthropy, adopted schools, etc.)

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